Moving To A New Area? Get Moving Concierge Service For An Easy Transition

When you move within the same neighborhood, you may not have a tough time. Not only can you get help from family, friends, and neighbors, but you will know the exact process for transferring Internet service, utilities, and homeowners or renter's insurance. But, moving to a new area will present a challenge because you will not know how everything works in the area.

While you may be confident about driving a moving truck and handling most of your possessions, you should get help from a moving company so that they can provide you with concierge service. This will make it so that you can enjoy a simple and smooth transition into your new home.

Utility Sign Up

Using the same utility company makes transferring easy. But, you will likely need to sign up for a new utility provider when you are moving out of your current city and neighborhood. As soon as you hire movers, they can call the local utility provider to get your home ready for the move-in.

Not having to worry about your electricity, gas, water, and trash after moving in can reduce stress and allow you to devote all the time to unloading, unpacking, and getting situated.


Although you may know exactly what you are going to do with most of your possessions, you may intend on donating some items that will not be coming along for the move. This is when you can rely on movers to pick up your items or organize a date and time for a donation pickup. If you are busy that day, you can put the items outside and allow for items to be picked up in the yard.


When you are moving for another job, you should think about taxes with all your moving expenses because some of them will be deductible. Moving concierge service can come with gathering the documentation and numbers for what you will need to include on your taxes. This way, you can apply the data and know that you will maximize the deductions on your tax return.


Even if you keep your home clean, some of it will get dirty when you are moving out. Also, you may not be able to clean everything when you have boxes and furnishings taking up space. You will benefit from movers who can get cleaning right as you are moving to make a spotless home.

Getting concierge service from local movers will alleviate stress by handling responsibilities that are not directly related to transporting possessions to your new home. 

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