Tips For Moving Valuables

If you have valuable items among the things you want to move, then you might be worried about their safety and security during the relocation. However, people move valuables all the time without complications; it just depends on how you handle the move. The following tips should help you move your valuables without them getting damaged, lost or stolen along the way:

Invest In the Right Packing Materials

It is common to recycle moving materials or repurpose other everyday objects when moving. For example, many people use old boxes for packing or old newspaper as padding. This is a good way to save money when moving, but not for your fragile items. For the fragile items, reduce the risk of damage by buying custom-made packing materials such as moving boxes and bubble wrap.

Add Extra Protection

When packing, go the extra mile with the protective measures with your valuables relative to other items. For example, choose a little bit sturdier boxes for the valuables, use a little bit thicker padding for the valuables, and secure the bottom of the box with extra tape.

Carry the Small Ones with You

Very small valuables should not be dumped into moving boxes and loaded onto the moving truck. Rather, you should pack them and carry them with you at all times. In fact, most movers will advise you to do just that with your valuables. This advice applies to small but valuable items such as a watch collection or pieces of jewelry.

Label All the Fragile Ones

Most voluble items are also fragile in nature. Something like a sculpture, for example, can easily be damaged if handled carelessly. Reduce the risk of that happening to your fragile-and-valuable items by labeling their boxes "FRAGILE." Label at least three sides of the box so that the labeling can be seen without having to turn the box.

Don't Advertise Your Move

If you have extremely valuable items in your collection, such as precious stones or artwork, then you should be quiet with your move. Only your household and residential mover services should know the hour and the day. This reduces the risk of criminals waylaying your moving truck and attacking it.

Buy Adequate Insurance Coverage

Despite your best precautions, you cannot eliminate the risk of your valuables getting lost or damaged along the way. That is where insurance coverage comes in – buy adequate coverage to ensure you will be fully reimbursed for any losses that may occur during the move.

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