Unusually Large Pieces Of Elegant Furniture? Why You Might Want To Warn Your Movers In Advance

People without kids and people with wealth often have the loveliest furniture. They may be elegant, carved, tufted, Baroque, Rococco, or Elizabethan styles, and they are almost always incredibly heavy. It is the type of furniture you would love to be seen lounging upon, but you are too terrified to sit on it because it is so lovely. If you are most fortunate to be able to afford such incredible furniture, but you are now moving that furniture to a new residence, you might want to warn your residential movers ahead of time. Here is why. 

The Movers Will Need Extra Help

This furniture of yours is very solidly crafted and built to resemble some of the historic originals. That is fine if you never intend to move it, but since you are moving it, your movers are going to need extra muscle. No less than three or four people are going to be able to move your ninety-six inch, Baroque-style, hand-carved wooden arms and legs sofa. If two movers cannot move it, there may be delays while they wait for extra help to come help them move this sofa. If you tell them in advance that you have this large, heavy, elegant furniture, then the movers can plan ahead and schedule extra movers to assist with the heaviest pieces. 

The Movers Will Need Extra Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are very thick, heavy, padded felt blankets designed to prevent scratches, dings, and dents on your most priceless pieces of furniture. These blankets are also frequently used to move pianos, so you know that they are effective protection on anything ornate and made of wood. The movers are going to need lots of these moving blankets to cover and protect all of the carved, decorative wood on your furniture. Like a piano, the ornate furniture will have blankets heavily wrapped and taped around it before the pieces ever go onto the moving truck. 

The Movers Will Need Alternative Means of Removing the Furniture

If you have changed the width of a single doorway in your home since you bought it, the doorways may now be too narrow to move these pieces of furniture. Conversely, if the doorways are now wider, you will be able to move the furniture just fine. It helps to tell the movers how wide the doorways are relative to the sizes of the ornate furniture. Then the movers can figure out an alternative means of removing the furniture if the furniture will not fit through the doorways.

The more your residential movers know about what they'll be moving for you, the smoother the day will go. 

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People without kids and people with wealth often have the loveliest furniture. They may be elegant, carved, tufted, Baroque, Rococco, or Elizabethan s