3 Special Considerations When Moving Senior Citizens

Statistics show that the average American can expect to move 11.4 times during his or her lifetime. One of these moves might take place when a person has passed retirement age.

The needs of a senior citizen during a move can differ dramatically from the needs of a young professional or family attempting to relocate. These special considerations must be accounted for when securing professional moving services for senior citizens.

1. Specialized Packing

A lot of people take advantage of the packing services offered by professional moving companies. Having movers load all belongings into boxes can significantly reduce the amount of stress felt during a move. For senior citizens, packing services are often a necessity.

Older people may have strength and mobility issues that prevent them from packing alone. It's important that a moving company is prepared to engage in specialized packing for family heirlooms and valuable antiques that might be found in the home of a senior citizen.

This specialized packing can include the use of unique packing strategies or materials.

2. Destination Coordination

Professional movers are known for transporting all personal items from point A to point B. This route may not require second thought when moving from one residential home to another, but senior citizens aren't always moving to a private residence.

More and more seniors are choosing to relocate to independent or assisted living facilities that cater to the needs of an aging population. It's important that a moving company has the ability to coordinate with the destination facility to arrange access to a freight elevator, entry into the facility, and a time when the move can be completed.

3. Handling of Medical Equipment

A lot of senior citizens rely on dedicated medical equipment on a daily basis. This equipment will need to be loaded onto a moving truck and relocated to the senior's new residence. A professional moving company that has experience handling medical equipment should be called in to help complete the move.

Medical equipment must be handled with extreme care. Delicate sensors and parts can be damaged during a move. Some medical equipment could contain dangerous gases that pose a safety risk to the moving crew.

Only companies with a proven history of handling medical equipment properly should be paid to help out with the move of a senior citizen.

Senior citizens need to partner with a reliable and experienced residential moving company to ensure the safety and success of their move.

To learn more, contact residential movers.

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