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Maximizing interior space is challenging in both traditional homes and apartments with limited square footage. Closets, drawers, garages, and storage sheds may be overflowing with household items. Interior spaces may be cramped and not functional. Many households have storage boxes and bins in less used areas of the home making it difficult to navigate safely. Purchasing a new home is not always the best solution for extra storage needs. Here are a few tips for maximizing space with storage unit rentals.

Reclaiming space inside of the home is a great way to improve personal environment. Many people are not fully enjoying the home that they are paying for, due to it not being functional. Removing enough clutter from the floor, closets, and garages is important. Making these areas safe and functional can be done with a few hours of hard work.

Contact local storage unit rentals to see which size spaces are available. There may be different types of units to choose from. The rates may be slightly higher for temperature-controlled units. Exterior spaces may offer the most affordable rates and work well for unused vehicles or items that do not react to extremely high or low temperatures.

The storage unit rental agreement may ask for proof of rental insurance or homeowners insurance. These policies can extend to the storage unit to add a level of safety to personal items left at the facility. In the event there is not a current policy, the storage unit rentals' management will require purchasing insurance. This minor monthly fee is added to the agreed-upon rate for the storage units.

Inquire about any perks or privileges that the storage unit rentals have to offer. They may have a courtesy moving truck for moving items into the storage facility. There may be discounts on any products that the storage units office sells. Quickly moving items into the storage unit helps to reclaim interior space at home.

Garages can now be used to park vehicles and for working on hobbies. Consider moving out of season sporting equipment, yard tools, and power tools if they are not currently needed. Once the storage unit starts to fill up, consider storing lighter weight items vertically. Inexpensive shelving units can be purchased and moved into the storage unit. Shelving helps to keep smaller items organized and easy to get to when needed.

Use these tips when finding a new storage unit space. For additional tips, reach out to a local storage unit facility.

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