Do You Require A Storage Facility With Climate Control?

Choosing between a standard storage facility and a facility that offers climate-controlled units can be a difficult decision for many people. This is because while climate-controlled units can be more expensive, the additional cost of renting these units pales in comparison to the cost of replacing your items if they are damaged due to a lack of climate control. That is why it is so important to determine whether or not climate control is a must-have for your storage needs. Taking the time to ask yourself the following three questions can help you to make that determination. 

Will Your Items Be In Storage Long Term?

Items are far less likely to be damaged by temperature and humidity changes if they are kept in storage for a short period of time. This is because many materials either expand or contract when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. When storing items long-term, your stored items are likely to go through many temperature swings that can cause them to expand or contract and ultimately result in damage. That is why the longer you plan to leave your items in storage, the more likely you are to benefit from a climate-controlled storage facility. 

Are You Storing Items That Are Sensitive To Moisture?

Temperature is just one thing that is addressed by a climate-controlled storage unit. These units also offer humidity control. This is very important if you plan on storing any items that are sensitive to moisture. For example, if you plan on storing any electronic items in your storage unit, these items can be easily damaged if the humidity levels inside your unit get too high. Furniture made from solid wood can also be easily damaged by high humidity levels since this material tends to swell when exposed to excess moisture. If you are planning to store any of these items, you will want to choose a climate-controlled storage facility. 

Will You Be Spending Time In Your Storage Unit?

While some people never spend more than a few moments inside their storage unit, others utilize these units as a workspace in order to complete tasks such as organizing collectibles or filling orders from their inventory. If you plan on spending time inside your storage unit, you will need to consider not only the safety of your stored items but your comfort level as well. Choosing a storage facility that offers climate-controlled units will certainly go a long way towards ensuring you are able to comfortably work inside your storage unit for as long as necessary. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a storage facility near you.

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